Second Trimester

What to expect during the second trimester

During the second trimester, you will likely begin to feel better without the most unpleasant pregnancy signs of the first weeks.

However, you may have some other symptoms like swollen feet and ankles, leg cramps and abdominal pain due to the growing of your uterus and the stretching of the surrounding ligaments.

In this stage, you also feel baby’s movements for the first time. 


Fetus Development

Fourth Month: The baby is developing reflexes such as swallowing and sucking.

The fetus’s mouth is developing tooth buds.

The fingers and toes are fully formed.

The skin is wrinkly, red and covered with soft hair.

Fifth Month: The eyelashes, the eyebrows and the eyelids are visible.

Sixth Month: The baby opens his eyes in this stage.

The skin is covered in vernix.

In this trimester you can find out the baby’s sex. Also, you can sleep better (prefer sleeping on the left side in order to increase the flow of blood to the fetus and to avoid heartburn).

A balanced nutrition and physical activity should have been added to your daily routines.

In addition, your sex life can be absolutely normal in this trimester, of course, if there is no contradiction.


Dr. Marinakis and his team support every woman who wants to have a natural labor, fully respecting the miracle of the birth. The woman is the primary decision - maker in her care and our team helps her to make the appropriate decisions. At the same time we are by woman’s side in order to ensure the safety of herself and her baby.


Dr. Marinakis has been trained and worked in the UK for 12 concecutive years. He has been qualified and certified by the London (Deanery) School of Obstetrics and Gynacology and Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist. He has a vast experience managing low and high risks pregnancies as he has worked in the biggests materity units in London. Over the last years he is based in Athens providing high standards of maternity care.


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