How to Achieve a Vaginal Delivery

Preparation during the antenatal period is the most crucial point to achieve a vaginal delivery.


Perineum massage

It is designed to increase the elasticity of the tissues of the pelvic floor.

It is adviced to be performed daily during the last month of pregnancy. Doing so reduces the risk of perineal tearing and need of episiotomy.

Pelvic floor exercises

Pelvic exercises tone and prepare the pelvic floor muscles.

They also aid in postpartum recovery, specifically in that they help prevent unwanted side effects such as urinary incontinence.

The most effective exercises are the Kegel Exercises which are designed to tone the pelvic floor and should be practiced daily throughout your pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga

Yoga poses offer particular benefits as an exercise program during pregnancy.

Promote stretching and flexibility, which are invaluable assets for a vaginal birth.

Yoga during pregnancy emphasis on working with the breath is a natural complement to many childbirth preparation methods.

If you need more information about antenatal yoga classes please contact us.

Respecting women needs, we totally support this effort to develop the confidence of women to their bodies and to the nature. At the same time we will be there, in a highly standard environment, in order to ensure the safety of the woman and her baby managing immediately whatever arise.

Dr. Marinakis and his team cooperate with specialized centers providing the safety, the confidence and the comforts that all women have the right to have during the miracle of birth.


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