Third Trimester

What to expect during the third trimester

Heartburn and frequent urination may appear again.

Your body prepares for the delivery of your baby and you may feel false irregular labor contractions (Braxton Hicks).

You probably have breast enlargement, backaches may increase in intensity, and fatigue usually appears until the 38th week.

In this gestational age, it is important to pay attention to frequency of baby’s movements and to contact to the doctor if you notice that the fetal activity level slow down.

Signs of labour

  • • Contractions grow stronger, longer, and more frequent than Braxton Hicks
  • • Your water may break feeling fluid leaks from the vagina
  • • You may pass your mucus plug (the mucus may be tinged normally with blood)


Fetus development

Seventh month: The baby's taste buds have developed.

Eighth month: The fetus is growing rapidly.

The major organs are well developed, except to the lungs.

Ninth month: The lungs are mature.

The baby kicks less toward this month because he has less room.

The internal organs are fully developed.


Get ready for the labour day

  • Choose a labour and delivery option
  • Create a birth plan
  • Be informed about the benefits of natural birth
  • Attend pregnancy courses
  • Pack your hospital bag


Dr. Marinakis and his team support every woman who wants to have a natural labour, fully respecting the miracle of birth. The woman is the primary decision - maker in her care and our team helps her to make the appropriate decisions. At the same time we are by woman’s side in order to ensure the safety of herself and her baby.


Dr. Marinakis has been trained and worked in the UK for 12 concecutive years. He has been qualified and certified by the London (Deanery) School of Obstetrics and Gynacology and Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist. He has a vast experience managing low and high risks pregnancies as he has worked in the biggests materity units in London. Over the last years he is based in Athens providing high standards of maternity care.


Fertility days calculation

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