Vaginal Delivery

When choosing a natural vaginal birth, the most critical element is selecting a care provider, the team that is going to get this journey with success.

It is well known that normal, intervention - free, natural birth is still the safest option.

It is the most practical choice and has the most benefits not only for the woman but also for the baby. To be more specific, it is medically proven that the newborns that are born vaginally are less likely to have respiratory problems.

This is based on the nature of the vaginal birth in which the contractions prepare the baby’s lungs to breathe easier after the labor.

Having a natural childbirth is a profound, life - changing experience which each and every woman has the right to try. It may be undoubtedly one of the hardest physical works in woman’s life; however the benefits for the mother herself and for the child are priceless.

A mother who had a natural birth is able to care her baby, to walk around shortly after the delivery and to return to everyday life within a few days. She is a normal woman and not a patient after a surgery.

You might concider labour as a distressing experience, however, within a few hours you will feel stronger than ever, you would have brought your baby into the world, feeling a wonderful peace, strength and completeness.

This miracle of life would have changed your whole life.



Dr. Marinakis and his team cooperate with specialized centers providing the safety, the confidence and the comforts that all women have the right to have during the birth. It is very important to have in mind that the hospitals which we cooperate are Baby Friendly.


What is the meaning of this?

Baby friendly Hospitals Initiative launched by UNISEF and WHO in 1991. It is an effort to improve physical and emotional health for the babies and their mothers and to help parents to do the first step into parenthood.

The context of this strategy includes some steps that Baby Friendly Hospitals should follow.

For example, the staff of the hospital should be fully trained in skills necessary to implement breastfeeding policy (that the hospital has), mothers have help to initiate breastfeeding within a half - hour of birth, it is implemented the rooming - in practice etc.

Hospitals that have not become certified may follow another policy which usually varies from hospital to hospital. More specifically, there are some hospitals that require observation of your baby in the nursery for the first few hours after the labour and baby care procedures in the nursery without its parent’s presence.

Respecting women needs, we totally support the effort to develop the confidence of women to their bodies and to the nature. At the same time we will be there, in a highly standard environment, in order to ensure the safety of the woman and her baby managing immediately whatever arise.


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