Writing a Birth Plan

Writing an interactive birth plan, is an effective method of expressing your birth preferences to everyone who will be attendant at your birth.

In a way in the birth plan you outline of your "perfect world" delivery!


What does a birth plan include

  • Who will be your birthing partner (can your husband handle)?
  • Who do you want or don't you want in the delivery room?
  • What type of analgesia do you prefer during labour?
  • Will someone be taking photos or videotaping?
  • Do you want anything special in the room, like a labour playlist?
  • Would you like to move around during labour?
  • In what situations is likely to get an episiotomy?
  • Do you want Dad to cut the umbilical cord?
  • Do you prefer skin to skin contact with your baby soon after the delivery?
  • Will you bank stem cells and umbelical cord?
  • How soon after the baby's born will you and your hubby get to hold her?
  • When will baby's first feeding occur?
  • Will you nurse or bottle - feed? Want help learning to breastfeed? Will you let baby have supplemental feedings of formula or bottled breast milk?
  • Will baby sleep with you or in the nursery?


It's also important to include a contingency plan in the case that complication arises, such as for an emergency c-section. Expect the best vaginal birth, but thinking through alternate scenarios is a helpful tool in handling unforeseen circumstances, both mentally and emotionally.

Respecting women needs, we totally support this effort to develop the confidence of women to their bodies and to the nature. At the same time we will be there, in a highly standard environment, in order to ensure the safety of the woman and her baby managing immediately whatever arise.

Dr. Marinakis and his team cooperate with specialized centers providing the safety, the confidence and the comforts that all women have the right to have during the miracle of birth.


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